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Community Connector

Community Connector is a simple, affordable, and secure solution for schools, clubs, organizations, and parent associations to effortlessly connect and engage.

Searchable Directory

Access a comprehensive, searchable directory of community members.

Interactive Map

Discover community members nearby to connect for carpooling options and more.

Privacy and Control

Control how information is shared: Community Members control what and how their information is shared.

Seamless Management

No need to micromanage:
Let your community members easily manage their own information.

"Community Connector has been a game-changer for our parent association. The ease of managing our own information and connecting with other families is unparalleled. The interactive map feature has made organizing carpools and playdates a breeze!"

John Doe

Marketing Manager, ABC Company

"As a school administrator, I've seen firsthand how Community Connector has brought our community closer together. Parents love the privacy controls and the ability to share just what they're comfortable with. It's taken a load off our shoulders!"

Jane Smith

Teacher, XYZ School

Trusting us with their Community.

We are proud to support so many wonderful communities, helping their members connect, grow, and thrive.

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